6 Best Dog Wallpapers

By   2018-02-26

Animal wallpapers are very popular amoungst us. Dogs are mans most trusted partner and so deserve a spot on our desktop background from time to time. We have collected 15 of the best dog wallpapers for you to save. All the wallpapers below have a minnimum resolution of 4K giving you the absolute best quality possible.



St Bernard, the mountian protector

This beautiful and helpful st bernard dog is amazingly well portrated in the forground of a mountain landscape making this wallpaper perfect for people who both enjoy dogs and those sharp snowy mountain tops. Grab this wallpaper by clicking on the picture above followed by pressing the "Preview & Download" button.


Group of dogs photo

Small Breed Group Picture

This wallpaper has all of your favorite smaller breeds lined up. If you're a fan of light minimalistic wallpapers but are also a dog lover then this will be perfect for you. This wallpaper includes the following breeds: Russkiy, Doberman, Chihuahuan, Bull, Terrir and Yorkshire. Once again, to grab it, simply press on the picture above.


Bulldog Puppy

Cute Bulldog Puppy

Our list obiously can't go on without adding a puppy to it. This adorable bulldog puppy is bright and minimalistic just like the wallpaper above. Setting this wallpaper as your desktop background will certainly leave you in awe everytime you open your main screen.


Hatsune miku with dog

Hatsune Mike with Dog Companion

While most of you don't, some might appreciate a drawing. This specific drawing is eye candy as all those colors blend in the background, it features Hatsume Mike (a famous character in the japanese cartoon world) and of course, a dog companion.


Dog in Flower Park

Dog in Flower Park

You can't go wrong with taking flowers on your background as the vivid colors will pop out and giving you a relaxing feeling while looking at your desktop background. This Border Collie is snugly hidden within those purple flowers while on the lookout.


Retriever Puppies at the Beach

Retriever Puppies at the Beach

While we recommended a puppy wallpaper before, why not have a bunch of them on your background? For a summer or spring feeling (which is coming up at the time this list is written) this wallpaper is best suited if you're a dog and speificly a golden retriever fan. It's a wallpaper that will give a smile on your face, use it as your welcome screen and start your day off with a happy feeling.




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